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Dr. Yolanda Pena - Owner of South Florida's Permanent Makeup Institute has offices in Fort Lauderdale
and Miami.

Dr. Yolanda Pena is a physician that has devoted herself to the Permanent Makeup and Health industry. She welcomes you to contact her at her Miami or Ft. Lauderdale locations for your permanent makeup needs.

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Fort Lauderdale : 954.327.7888

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What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup Overview

Are you someone who has a busy schedule or has allergies to certain makeup products? Permanent makeup may be the right choice for you. Your face can be enhanced to look more youthful with permanent makeup which includes permanent makeup on your eyebrows, permanent makeup on your eyes and on the eyelid and inside your lower lash line. With advanced techniques permanent makeup can also be used to create eye shadow. Another permanent makeup technique is adding permanent makeup to the lip as lip liner. By adding permanent makeup to the lips you can make your lips look fuller and more youthful.
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How is permanent makeup done?
A certified, insured permanent makeup artist will apply your permanent makeup in a procedure called micro pigmentation insertion. This procedure is similar to doing a tattoo.

Permanent Makeup Recovery Time:
Eyebrows: May return to normal routine immediately but if you have a special event to attend such as a wedding or special date it is recommended that you give yourself two to three weeks of healing time. Permanent makeup color on your eyebrows can take up to 30 days for the full color to surface.
Eyes: Usually takes one to two days for the swelling to dissipate.
: You can usually expect three to five days of swelling and up to 30 days for the full color in the lips to surface.

Permanent Makeup Precautions:
With any minimally invasive procedure there can be potential complications. The main side effect is soreness and swelling around the procedure site. If the permanent makeup artist does not apply the permanent makeup properly, there may be increased risk of infection. There is also some risk of allergic reactions with certain permanent makeup pigments are used, so ask your permanent makeup technician about their products and safety protocols.

Average Cost of Permanent Makeup:
 Eyebrows: $250 to 950;  Eyes: $250 to $800;  Lips: $450 to 950.
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 Wakeup with natural youthful color in your lips, eyebrows and eyes...Like a child
permanent cosmetics directory, permanent makeup directory, permanent cosmetics, permanent makeup
 With infused youthful skin color you can play hard and look beautiful doing it!
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